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Company Outline

Business Name Sanyo Co., Ltd.
Founding April, 1947
Establishment of Operations June, 1948
Capital 76,000,000 yen (paid-in)
Location of Headquarters 13-14 Bakuro-cho 1-Chome Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, TOKYO JAPAN MAP
Number of Issuable Shares 4,000,000 shares
Business Activities
  • Sales of raw materials and materials for plastics, textiles, rubber, leather, etc.
  • Sales of various materials and products which use plastic and steel frame materials
  • Sales of paper and textile products, rubber products, and packaging materials
  • Sales of decorative objects, stationary, paper products, accessory goods, fireworks, and food products (excluding perishables)
  • Sales of medications
  • Sales of electrical products
  • Sales of retails, office, and residential interior goods and fixtures and interior design and installation
  • Building design, supervision, and construction
  • Housing loans
  • Stationary manufacture
  • All incidental business related to the above activities

Organization Chart

President Horii Hiroyuki
Account Settlement End of March (once/year)
Primary Banks Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Odenma-cho branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Asakusabashi branch, Shoko Chukin Bank Kanda branch, Japan Finance Corporation, Tokyo Branch
建設業許可番号 建具工事業 東京都知事許可(般-25)第110302号
Primary Facilities V-cut product manufacturing equipment, slit machine, shop sign manufacturing equipment, olefin film processing equipment, prototyping equipment (at Tokyo Headquarters) NC high-speed precision multi-purpose cutting machine, clear binder internal welding machine, ultrasonic manual general-purpose machine, thermal welding machine, manual binder pocket welding machine, manual thermal hinge, clear file automatic machine, 2-axis riveting machine, spiral machine, multi-hole drilling machines (Yao factory)
Others Company approved for innovative management planning based on laws related to the promotion of new business activities for medium-to-small businesses

Company History

April, 1947 Business activities begin with celluloid product manufacture and sales.
June, 1948 Reorganized as a stock company.
April, 1950 Vinyl fabric and processed goods sales begin.
October, 1950 Osaka branch opens.
May, 1952 Osaka branch reorganized as Osaka Sanyo.
April, 1953 Business activities expand into plastics.
March, 1967 Received the Tokyo Governor's Prize in recognition of results of streamlining management in accordance with the Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant System.
November, 1967 Received the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency's Commissioner's Prize for the reasons described above.
February, 1973 Osaka Sanyo opens offices in Hiroshima.
July, 1973 Opens offices in Sendai. Opens offices in Fukuoka.
December, 1976 The headquarters distribution center is relocated to Sumida Ward in Tokyo.
September, 1978 Osaka Sanyo transfers operations to its Hiroshima branch.
March, 1981 Osaka Sanyo completes construction of its new office building at the current location in Chuo Ward in Osaka and transfers its operations there.
May, 1982 Construction of new corporate headquarters is completed at the current location in Nihonbashibakurocho, Chuo Ward, Tokyo, and operations are transferred there.
September, 1982 The headquarters distribution center is relocated to Nihonbashibakurocho, Chuo Ward, Tokyo.
January, 1987 Osaka Sanyo received the Osaka Governor's Prize in recognition for many years of contributing to the promotion of industries. Similar prizes are also received in March 1991, November 1995, and November 2001.
March, 1993 The Nihonbashi K Building is built on the site of the former headquarters.
June, 1998 Celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the company are held in Guam.
September, 2006 Resident offices are established in Shanghai.
January, 2007 Osaka Sanyo receives approval for its management innovation plan (Osaka Prefectural Executive Order  No. 777-274)
March, 2007 Business operation rights for stationary manufacture are transferred from Okimura Co., Ltd. to Osaka Sanyo, and the Yao factory is opened (ISO9001 certification acquired on October 26, 2001).
February, 2009 President Kaito Kiyoshi appointed chair of the Tokyo Vinyl Products Association (post held until 2012).
December, 2009 Licensed character product business operations transferred from Unitec, Inc.
April, 2010 Business operations merged together with Osaka Sanyo.
October, 2010 Celebrations commemorating the business merger are held in Okinawa.
April, 2012 Hiroshima and Fukuoka offices are integrated into the West Japan office.