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We Provide Total Support, from Planning to Production

We Provide Total Support, from Planning to Production

For our OEM/ODM production services, we provide in-house planning, processing drawing creation, and sample production. Once customer approval is received we then source the materials and carry out production at our factory or contract it to our manufacturing partners throughout Japan and around the world.

At both our in-house factory and at our partners' factories, we at Sanyo hold the responsibility to perform checks to guarantee that all specifications are followed, that quantities match the order, and that the production setup is optimized.


Special Qualities of Sanyo's OEM/ODM

Total Support Up Through Production

We can help you even if you do not have a specific image in mind.We will provide you with a product proposal that is ideal for your requests and needs, having taken into account all aspects of material properties, processing methods, applications, and costs.

In-depth Knowledge of Plastics

Sanyo has over a half-century of materials processing research and development experience. The craftsmanship we have cultivated over the years has been put to use countless times to please our customers.

Manufacture at In-House or Partner Factories

Various products are processed as needed for manufacturing at our own factory and in cooperation with factories both in Japan and abroad. Notably, our factory in Yao City is capable of full manufacturing services, with the exception of printing. We can flexibly handle even the most difficult manufacturing processes. We also provide a full range of planning and production services.

Strict Quality Checking Systems

Sanyo enforces thorough product inspection policies, including at its partner factories throughout Japan and around the world. We have established a strict quality control system to provide our customers with consistent product quality.These policies ensure we can continue producing high quality products that our customers can rely on.

Making Your Product Vision a Reality

01.First, consult with our sales team.

You can contact us by phone or through our website.

02.We will draft planning documentation.

Materials Selection and Processing Method Determination

03.We prepare estimates and drawings

We will prepare not only processing diagrams, but other materials such as mold diagrams as well.

04.We create a prototype product

We have a prototyping division at our Tokyo headquarters.

05.We receive your order

We commence manufacturing after confirming all matters on our

06.We manage the entire process

We take responsibility for the manufacture of your product following our in-house standards.

07.We carry out product inspection

We confirm that the product fulfills the standards as set in the product planning documentation.

08.We deliver the product to your designated location

Delivery is carried out using your packaging specifications.

Please contact us with any consultations or questions you may have about our products.

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