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Sanyo has come to be synonymous with vinyl products as a result of its long years of involvement in PVC wholesaling and plastics trading businesses.
The materials market is like a trunk of a great tree whose deep roots lie in the raw plastics materials industries. It is upon this pillar that products, which are the tree's flower and fruits, can grow.
We focus on using PVC because it is a material which can be designed and shaped in response to the customer's demands and solve problems in terms of aspects that include appearance, performance, and functionality.
PVC has come to play many vital roles in our daily lives.

Familiar Products Made From PVC

  • Figures

  • Swim Rings

    Swim Rings
  • Erasers

  • Tablecloths

  • Water pipes

    Water pipes
  • Indoor wall and floor materials

    Indoor wall and floor materials

While it is important to apply processing technologies to meet the product needs of customers, we feel the key point lies in the improvement and application of materials to achieve this. We apply our knowledges, experiences and imaginations to realize greater material quality and functionality in a wide variety of ways, including improving basic material properties and quality, bonding with other materials, materials blending for welding processes, and materials blending and surfacing for ease-of-use and safety. We do this in a tireless effort to fully satisfy our customers.

PVC is Environmentally-friendly

PVC is an ideal material from the perspective of environmental protection. Allow us to introduce some of the special properties of PVC.

Production requires only a small amount of crude oil.

While oil is a key base material of any plastic, 60% of PVC's base material is sodium chloride (table salt). This low reliance on oil in its production contributes to making PVC an environmentally-friendly material.

PVC is recyclable.

PVC is ideal for recycling since contamination by foreign matter has little effect on the recycling process.

PVC is not a significant source of carbon dioxide emissions.

Since the petroleum content of PVC is relatively low, its production causes notably lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to other materials.

PVC is safe and durable.

The sodium content in PVC has water-disinfecting and norovirus-killing properties, which is why PVC is used for making water pipes.


Dioxins occur when substances containing sodium are burned in an incomplete manner.
This means when PVC is disposed of by burning it, if appropriate measures are taken, the occurrence of dioxins can be kept to an absolute minimum.

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List of Primary Materials Available (Please contact us regarding products of manufacturers not listed here)

- PVC = Polyvinyl chloride (in this case, refers to flexible PVC)
- in general, flexible vinyls use DEHP as a plasticizing agent.
- PO = Polyolefin


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