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An Industry Leader in Plastic Materials Processing


Sanyo carries out plastic materials processing at our own factory (the Yao Factory) along with our partners both in Japan and around the world. Notably, we are an industry leader that has been at the forefront of PVC material processing research and development.

We work towards maximizing the potential of the properties of plastics, creating materials which are flexible, airtight and watertight, easy to process, or highly-transparent. In this way, we have satisfied our many customers in the past and up to the present by demonstrating the power of our craftsmanship through our unique products.

Focus on Craftsmanship


Without the proper materials selection and the suitable technologies and planning, great flowers and fruits cannot grow from the trunk of the great "tree" that is materials. If our company is a car, our materials and processing technologies can be thought of as its wheels.

In order to design products in line with the needs of our customers, we will work with the smallest family-owned shops as well as the materials researchers of major corporations, searching for answers wherever it may take us. This was how we were able to realize the currently-popular material, flexible PO. Its development was the result of long study of high-frequency flexible PP processing technologies, which were built on finding the right balance of material composition and its processing.

On previous desk pads, due to its material composition, ink written on paper would stain the pad below. By laminating both sides with PET film, a non-staining desk pad was created and put on sale. This then led to the development of a non-staining desk pad with an olefin plastic coating.

With the exception of non-embossed printing, we carry out product processing at the factories of our partners both in Japan and around the world, and we provide full manufacturing services primarily at our own factory.

When we discover a new material, processing technologies for it are established at our prototyping division and our Yao Factory, and we also provide processing guidance for our subcontractors.

We apply our many years of accumulated experience and knowledge towards processing and adding value to products in a wide variety of ways. We do this in a tireless effort to fully satisfy our customers. Among our work with the various plastics we offer, we are notably recognized industry-wide as leaders in advancing the development of flexible PVC processes.

Sanyo's visionary and expressive capability for craftsmanship has been proven in its receiving awards each time the industry's "PVC Design Award" is held, with a total of 5 awards.

We established our own in-house prototyping division, equipping it with actual processing machines. In a confidential and secure environment, we carry out prototyping activities and processing research and development.

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