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Prototyping Division

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The ideas of our customers take shape here

At Sanyo's Tokyo Headquarters, we have established a prototyping (development proposal) division in order to better meet our customers' needs. Each year the division produces hundreds of product prototypes.
We start with a customer's idea, and make it real. We then take that real product and work to make it even better. Often, second or third prototypes are created in a process of refinement. It is our pleasure to work hard towards making our products better and better. We are standing by to take your order.

Primary Facilities

Work tables, molding machine, drill press, heat sealer, ultrasonic machine, industrial sewing machine, high-frequency welder, etc.


The Prototyping Process



Intensive meetings are held closely following the order received by our sales staff to develop and share the product image.



Patterns are developed on paper. Data is also created which can be output using conventional and 3D printers.



We carry out efficient cutting, applying our long years of experience and paying close attention to the dimensions and scale of the raw material so that little will be wasted in the manufacturing process.



We mainly use our large collection of proven molds, but if necessary we will build new molds for prototyping your product.



Welding can be used for most types of chemical products. We select the optimal welding process for the materials used to shape your product prototype.


Sewing is used for finishing fiber-based materials such as cotton and nylon. A top-and-bottom feeding machine is used, which is optimal for chemical fiber products.