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Our plastics experts
will work to fulfill your individual needs

Sanyo produces a full range of plastic materials, as well as products using those materials, according to the needs of our customers.
We at Sanyo are a group of professionals who work to fulfill the diverse requests and requirements of our customers, realizing them through OEM production or as original products.

70 Years of History

We apply our accumulated know-how and technologies to give shape to your ideas and needs.


Sanyo's beginnings can be traced back to 1947, when the company manufactured and sold celluloid products.
In 1950, we began sales of vinyl fabric and processed goods.
We then began handling almost every kind of plastic material, and starting in the 1960s, we established operations in the materials processing and manufacturing industries.
We apply our know-how and industry connections cultivated over many years to continue providing our customers with the materials most suitable for their needs and assist them in making their product ideas a reality. Sanyo Over the Years

A Large Selection of Materials

We are an organization of professional who have gained expertise in the special properties and specific applications of materials.


Sanyo offers a full range of plastic materials such as PVC (rigid and semi-rigid) and PU. We procure these materials from strictly-selected domestic and international manufacturers.
Our professionals always strive to keep up with the latest information concerning the particular properties, optimal processing methods and applications, and costs for plastic materials. This allows us to provide our customers with the materials that best meet their requests and requirements. Focus on Materials


We are an industry leader in plastic materials processing.


We at Sanyo know how to make the most out of the special properties of plastic materials, and this allows us to provide product solutions which are closest to the specifications of our customers. Notably, we are an industry leader that has been at the forefront of PVC material processing research and development.
These processes are employed not only at our own factory in Yao City, Osaka, but at our partners' factories throughout Japan and around the world as well. Our flexible processing systems can handle jobs normally regarded as difficult to achieve, allowing for a wide variety of approaches and production methods. Focus on Processes

A Variety of Products

Our product lineup meets a wide variety of needs, both for OEM products as well as original products.

PVC and other plastic materials can be used for toys, stationary, daily goods, novelties, POP displays, packaging materials, building materials, and more. At Sanyo, we continue to produce a variety of goods with a focus on OEM and ODM products.
We shall continue in our mission to contribute to society and provide useful solutions for our customers through materials processing and keep brainstorming ways to continue doing so as we strive to make the best products possible.

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