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Corporate Philosophy

Trust is the foundation of our business

Message from the President

Thank you for visiting our company's website.

Sanyo Co., Ltd. began its operations in 1947 as a trading company specializing in celluloid.
We then began working with PVC, which was at that time an emerging product, and soon expanded operations to include other materials including PE, PP, and PS. After these developments, in line with the times we entered the field of processing, gaining a unique foothold as a plastics materials processing and trading company. In recent years, we established the Yao factory for our processing needs, and we continue to move forward with a legacy of 70 years since our founding backing us.

The dream we have sought to realize all these years, which we still pursue today and will into the future, is to contribute to society by seeking out the possibilities of materials through our knowledge and by providing semi-finished (punched/cut) and finished products. In order to realize this dream, we feel it is imperative to build a relationship of mutual trust with all of our customers. This trust becomes the foundation of everything we do.

In the civil war period in Japan, tradesman from the Ohmi region flourished after the deregulation of trade rules. They applied a concept of "three directions of happiness": happiness for the seller, happiness for the buyer, and happiness for the general public. To this very successful business policy, we add a fourth direction: happiness for the employee. We strongly feel that the foundation for building these "four directions of happiness" lies in trust among everyone involved.

If any of the products or services described on this website interest you in any way, please contact us. We hope we can build a new relationship based on trust with you going forward into the future.

PresidentKaito Kiyoshi