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Door Stopper "Door Cube"

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Customer Tasks and Requests

[Product Development Timeline]
We received the idea for this product from a member of the general public who was applying for the PVC Design Award 2015 for his idea of using a rubber ball as a door stopper. This individual came to us looking to develop his idea into a product.

Proposals from Sanyo

  • Keeping in line with the theme of the PVC Design Award 2015, which was "Safe, Secure, and Easy", we built a flexible PVC cube cage around the ball.
  • Pairing the clear cage with a ball whose color can be chosen allows the product to coordinate with various interiors.
  • This product embodies the ethos of "Made in Japan".

Effects / Results

  • In March 2016, prior to its retail debut, the Door Cube was featured in the "Trend Tamago" segment "World Business Satellite" program and the "Neta no Tane" segment on the “Morning Satellite” program on TV Tokyo.
  • Sales began in April 2016.

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